Friday, 8 October 2010

'Terrorist City: Beta Version' - Kal Sereousz (review)

Sounding like a veteran Kal Sereousz bursts onto the underground scene with much confidence. 'Terrorist City: Beta Version' has been in my inbox and on my ipod for a while now but it seems like it's just surfacing now.

With his swagger, street commentary, forceful delivery and penchant for militarily heavy beats (courtesy of Chemo, Jon Phonics, Kelakovski and others) fans of the likes of Klashnekoff won't be disappointed by this new artist. If my recommendation isn't enough then maybe the fact that Mystro and Ramson Badbonez both feature on the same track on this album will. 'Tired' sees each MC do their thing with Kal bridging the gap between the styles of Mys and Ramson.

If you want to get hold of a copy Suspect Packages are stocking it on CD and Datpiff are offering it as a free download (not sure if this is official or not so I'll let you search for the link!).

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