Friday, 8 October 2010

'Postcards From The Edge' - Ghost (review)

Although abstract, the title couldn't be more apt. You might imagine the edge in question to belong to Hip Hop, probably at its border with the leftfield. Ghost sends home a taste of what it sounds like in that far off and foreign place.

The title track, which is free believe it or not, really sums up the project and is definitely for those small hours when relaxation is the order of the day. Immerse yourself in Ghost's sounds and sink deep into the comfort of the producer's proficiencies.

But don't get too comfortable! Kashmere and Jehst lend the vocals from 'No More' for a heavily Dubstep influenced remix - whoof! 'Neon City' provides the stepping stone between the two previously mentioned psyches with its ethereal synths marrying perfectly to the lolloping bass and drums. Certainly something worth writing home about.

The rest of the album falls between the two bookends set out at the beginning with Aeries providing more rap on 'Time Will Tell' and 'Way With Words' and tracks like 'Hearts and Minds' bringing that real wonk to proceedings.

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