Friday, 8 October 2010

'The Enigma EP' - Capital R (review)

Searching for some Hip Hop that sounds something like it used to in this mire of mushy music? You might turn your ear to Capital R and his 'The Enigma EP' for half an hour.

The beats are all sample based and soulful and form a cohesive backdrop despite being produced by several different beatmakers. DJ 456's cuts are a welcome proof that Capital R is intent on respecting the art form. Capital R's flow and voice has an old school, simple feel to it and is certainly pretty unique in this saturated scene. His chatty style is easy to digest and never lacks in clarity. On 'You don't Own Me', in amongst his peers (who include Genesis Elijah and Mr. Flex) his voice is instantly recognisable.

Bonus track 'I Represent (For Hip Hop)' is an ode to the music that many of us know and love from our formative years.

The 8 tracks on offer here are enough to introduce a promising artist and his chosen compadres and 'The Enigma EP' can be downloaded at Bandcamp now.

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