Tuesday, 26 October 2010

'Force Of Habit' - Prose (album review)

You may have seen me waxing lyrical (in 140 characters, on Twitter) about this album. My position has not changed. This review could be one the easiest I've had to write because I could just insert a few positive words and then tell you to buy it. But that's not what you've come to expect from you and I wouldn't want to let you down now, would I?

Essentially, Prose (that's producer Steady and MC Efeks) do Hip Hop in just the way I want to hear it. The beats are banging yet melodic, traditional yet never samey, the rhyming is clear, concise and listener friendly, the subject matter is varied and there are cuts (courtesy of DJ Matman).

Single 'Life Times' comes early on in the playlist and it still sounds great. Previously heard (as a free download) 'Run For The Hills' featuring Ed Strong and King Kaiow of The IRS still sounds fresh and heavy too. 'Broke' featuring Reef The Lost Cauze is the better of the two transatlantic hookups on the album, the other being 'More Than Before' featuring Side Effect and Killer Rellik;a track that just doesn't wash with me. To be honest the album doesn't need these artists - Efeks is better.

'My Baby' featuring Belle is a definite stand out to me, maybe because I can relate to the topic being a new father myself, maybe just because Efeks pours out his heart emotively yet without sounding soppy. It's hard to pick out any other tracks because this release is so fluid as an album - it's not a thing you'll pick and choose tracks from, it's something you'll listen to the whole of, and you'll enjoy all 76 minutes of it. In some ways it's hard to put a finger on why this LP is so good, but I think I said it back in my second paragraph; they just do Hip Hop perfectly.

'Force Of Habit' is out on the Boombap Professionals label on 22nd November 2010.

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