Monday, 25 October 2010

'Harry EP' ft. Skrein & Verb T - Medison (review)

Skrein might just be one of this country's best on-track story tellers. Producer Medison has cooked up a haunting and live sounding background for Skrein to tell his macabre tale over on 'Harry'. The plucked guitar and the real drums combine perfectly with the ghostly female vocal making Medison a producer I'll be looking out for in the future.

Remixes come courtesy of Bare Noize (with some filthy, filthy, frenzied dubstep), Plan B (an acoustic version) and Ruckspin (Drum n Bass).

Also included in the 'Harry EP' is 'The Thrill Is Gone' with also features Skrein alongside Verb T. This time, stories about two young men are interwoven over another eerie harp-laden beat.

This is a great little package featuring a heap of talent over the 5 tracks. The 'Harry EP' is available now from Dented Records.

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