Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Track Of The Day: 'Black Milk' ft. Ddubble - Ill Move Sporadic

Black Milk - two words often of the lips of Hip Hop fans at the moment. But here's another reason why you might utter them:

Ill Move Sporadic and Ddubble bring you the single 'Black Milk' which is actually featured on their free-to-download release 'The Magnetic Mixtape'. The track is an ode to Guinness, a beer worthy of such treatment in my humble opinion. The beat is happy and celebratory and the lyrics are pretty funny - all in all, something I can get with.

'The Magnetic Mixtape' features some more great UK Hip Hop from some MCs you may not yet have heard of: Oliver Sudden, Joey Menza and Ddubble all ride some of the coolest beats, beats which hark back to the Hip Hop of the 90s yet sound fresh and original. Other featured artists are O'Sudds (on 'The Throwdown' with a very unique rhyme style (edit: Same person as Oliver Sudden?)), 2 Man Army and Baska. Parisian rapper Katha features on Bunny - a spooky production with harsh vocal stylings from the MC.

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