Friday, 22 October 2010

Track Of The Day: 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' - Sway

Sway dropped his new mixtape 'The Delivery 2: Lost In Transit' and this track had me in awe for sure.

All Swar (seems to be a new nickname his given himself) does is drop loads of Hip Hop quotables followed by a gap for the listener/crowd to finish off. Such a simple concept yet so fun to join in with - the missus and I had great fun on our road trip last night.

The rest of the mixtape is full of brand new classic Sway rhymes and regardless of your opinion on the man, you have to hand it to him; he's continually improving and has ensured that all audiences are covered with this free download release. His new trick seems to be fast rapping and tongue twisting multi-syllabic rhymes and the first track '2nd Delivery' is nothing short of jaw-dropping!

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