Tuesday, 26 October 2010

'Mood Swings' - Stig Of The Dump (review)

I really don't remember Stig Of The Dump being this offensive before. For most of you, that sentence will tell you everything you need to know - you'll either want to hear this, or you won't. Now, I've met the guy, had good conversation with him, and think he's a nice guy but his new music is different - it's aggressive and coarse. Yes, he's a great MC, he's witty and certainly has a way with words. Again, some of you right now will be salivating and rushing out to buy a copy of 'Mood Swings'.

The album is a weighty thing, with exceedingly heavy production from the likes of Beat Butcha, Jehst and Pete Cannon to match Stig's non-stop flow and the inclusion of Stig's track with R.A. The Rugged Man, 'Braindead'.

'What's Up' is more introspective and pushes the message that the masses need to hear: fame and money isn't everything, in fact, it's nothing. 'Planet Hollywood' pushes home the message later on in the album as Stig and Enlish role play a rich people with everything in ridiculous amounts. 'Big City Blues' is a perceptive take on life in the metropolis and the Pete Cannon beat is nothing short of excellent. 'I Know What You're Thinking' is a pretty funny slamming of pop culture which features Dr. Syntax.

'Mood Swings' was released on 11th October on Lewis Recordings and can be gotten from usual good places, including Bandcamp for your digital download.

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