Friday, 8 October 2010

'RRRare' - Inkrument

Inkrument - good Hip Hop? Yes. Their album 'RRRare' is out now and from the few tracks I've heard it's definitely worth a buy.

UK Hip Hop fans need to start looking to some of these newer artists as well as their old favourites for stuff to be bumping.

'I, Wise' is a funky mash-up of 90s Hip Hop sounds and some nice synths and should probably come with a guarantee of head nodding. 'I'm In Love With The Sky' is way harder than the title might suggest, although the thoughtful, refreshing lyrics re sure to sooth. 'Everything I Am' scraps the new-fangledness and just goes straight for that boom bap sound and totally embodies what we love about that golden era. The Elementz remix of 'Rrrare' is a fast and furious affair incorporating bleeps AND beatboxing and lyrics about all things rare, safe and waste. Quality.

'RRRare' is out now on Dealmaker Records' and you can find info about buying the CD or the download here.

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