Tuesday, 26 October 2010

'Treading Water' - Stylah (album review)

After hearing 'Please Listen' back in April 2009, featuring Stylah on my 'On The Radar' series and posting his music on the site many times, I would say that I was looking forward to Stylah's album dropping.

I have to say now that I do feel a bit disappointed. It's not that Stylah lacks ability as an MC, or that the beats are weak - even a cursory flick through the album would affirm that Stylah can rhyme and pick decent beats. It's just that listening through the album, I can't help feeling that an artist with such skill could have injected a little more creativity and created something memorable. The LP does stand up to many UK releases, and is better than many others, it's simply that to make a mark there needs to be more originality in the approach.

Good points are the inclusion of 'Please Listen', the awesome double-timing from the pair Stylah and Smiler on 'Killa', the menacing beat and flows on 'Treading Water' (reminds me of D12) and the socially aware, challenging commentary on tracks such as 'What's Your Poison?'.

Many would construe this review to be negative, but I assure you it isn't. Maybe it's just that I listen to so much UK Hip Hop and am looking for something too perfect or different. I know that there will be plenty of you out there who just want some good, solid Hip Hop and 'Treading Water' is just that. Try it for yourself.

'Treading Water' is out on 22nd November on LDN Global Records.

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