Friday, 31 December 2010

Adlib - Brass Knuckle Hustle (Review)

I recently got the oppurtunity to hear Adlib's street cd Brass Knuckle Hustle which is currently only available from the man himself at live shows but should be on all digital outlets soon.
Adlib signed to Danny Diablos Ill Roc label recently and you can tell listening to this street cd that Adlib is as much a hiphop head as a hardcore punk fan as every track bangs hard.
One of my favourites had to be Hate My Guts featuring Slaine,Reef and DJ Kwestion,where everyone kills it even by their high standards. Also The League featuring Steele,UG(Cella Dwellas),Godilla and Ali Armz is one of the highlights,from the opening bars this is like one of those stadium rock anthems without the bad haircuts and its guaranteed to make you want to punch somebody.
Featuring Godilla on 4 songs I'd also recommend checking out his album Jaguar Paw.With appearances from Slaine,Reef,Ali Armz,Steele,UG,Aeyone,Danny Diablo and more this is one for the hardcore heads.

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