Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Spida Lee - Original Soundtrack (Review)

This is a quick review of Spida Lee's E.P. By the name of Original Soundtrack, First off theres a kind of intro track thats only on for a short time but gives you a quick sample of what to expect from Spida's rhymestyle, delivery and beat choice. Excellent Boom bap style beat and some nice lines which really gets you all set up for the next track.

Back in the game gives you an insight into what he's been doing and that he's well "Back in the game" im really lovin these beats. The beat is dead in your face and a real deep gritty feel to it, which only compliments the track as a whole.

Street life then lowers the tone beat wise into a slower tempo and more laid back than the previous grittyness of Back In The Game. He talks about a subject that i have heard time and time again and im sorry to say that i expect most people have heard alot. There is on the second verse though a bit of a story about his mate which i would have loved to hear him go on with in a bit more depth, butt enjoyed it all the same, i always like to hear a bit of storytelling in a track otherwise covered in the usual council estate of mind esque Lyrics.

Take over kicks back intO the up-tempo vibes, some clever wordplay and was loving his flair here, kicks in dope, it's "exceedingly good like Mr Kipling" (Direct quote) and nothing can be further from the truth here, passing back and forward betwwen different rhymestyles shows his abilities, this is my favorite track of the E.P.

Damn Tell Em This breaks straight into a double time scheme, and is really impressive, yet another show of abilities.

A quick summary, this E.P. May not be a conceptual story or anything but has succeeded in showacasing his abilities of different rhyme schemes and i really enjoyed the beat choices, Brutal Artistry is the producer of the E.P. so props to him. Overall it's a great Introductory E.P. Well worth the purchase folks. You will be available to get this on 20th December 2010 on CD format and on Digital Download 24th December 2010. Here


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