Sunday, 19 December 2010

Freepoint Crew - Three Amigos (Free Download)

A couple of days ago, I posted the video by the Finish group Freepoint Crew for their excellent track FIN. The album that that track is taken from has now been released, and is available to download for free. Three Amigos is the name of the joint, and I can assure you that it is well worth checking out. The MC, Maz comes with honest, down to earth lyrics throughout, covering topics such as cooking, travel and his upbringing in rural Finland.

However, it is the other two amigos, producers JMA and Mathias who really shine on this LP, bringing some genuinely soulful, sample heavy boombap to the table.

As with the Soul Khan album I posted a couple of days ago, the fact that this is available for free is no reflection on the quality of the music. Don't expect any recycled beats, or so called freestyles, and with a slimline tracklist of 11, the crew stick firmly to GZA's 'half-short, twice strong' mantra.

If you missed the video for FIN, that I posted a couple of days ago, check it out here:

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