Thursday, 9 December 2010

Evil Ed - Edstrumentals Vol. 2

Just got word that Evil Ed has released the second volume of his instrumental series, Edstrumentals. This instalment contains 20 of Ed's productions, some are unreleased, some you have probably heard before. My personal favourite is probably Sunshine Coast, taken from a 7" by Brighton crew 12" Matter that came out on Ed's Hidden Identity label a few years back.

Volume 1 came out CD a couple of years back, but this one is currently only available as a download. Apparently it may see a CD release in the future, depending on interest. Available from Chakra Sounds bandcamp page, here:

1. Black Stallions
2. Dangerous Situation
3. 360
4. It's a K.O.
5. Bonus Beat 01
6. Captains Of The Industry
7. Third (unreleased)
8. BBQ
9. Branded
10. Bonus Beat 02
11. Time You Knew
12. Life's A Struggle
13. Milf
14. Fast Lane
15. Bonus Beat 3
16. Razorblades (remix)
17. The Cavalry
18. Alp (unreleased)
19. Sunshine Coast
20. Experts

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