Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Soul Junkies - He Spoke in Riddles feat. ill green

Southampton group Soul Junkies (MC Demigod/Demi and producer Shank Carvin) upped a new track from there forthcoming 2nd LP 'Soul Junk' which will be available for free sometime next year. He Spoke in Riddles features talented puerto rican New York rhymer and producer ill green, check out his Swamp Water Plague EP it was one of the dopest free D/L's I copped this year. Soul Junk will feature collaborations with a range of artists from the UK, Greece and the US lookout for it next year. You can download the track for free on the above player you can also listen and download (for FREE) the Soul Junkies 1st album Twilight Chorus on their bandcamp page.....HERE

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