Friday, 24 December 2010

Son Records Mix (Free Download)

Now this is NICE. Donnie Propa who has recently done Cappo and Scor-Zay-Zee mixes brings a 38 minute selection from Son Records' extensive back catalogue. Lots of dopeness featured on this, personal favourites being Scor-Zay-Zee's powerful Want What Yours, and Cappo's Loyalty with its rumbling piano loop.

Available to download (or stream) as a one track mix from Son Records bandcamp:


1. Styly Cee ft. Midnyte: 'All Stylz Anthem'
2. Def Tex: 'Postcard From Norwich'
3. DPF: 'All Worked Out'
4. Styly Cee ft. Scorzayzee: 'Want What's Yours'
5. Cappo: 'Loyalty'
6. Chrome: 'Flow Man'
7. Mad Doctor X ft. Frisco, Cappo & Voyager: '7even'
8. Styly Cee ft. C-Mone: 'Joyrider'
8. Def Tex ft. HKB Finn & Ty: 'Rock The Beat'
9. Styly Cee ft. Midnyte: 'Kofi's Night'
10. HKB Finn ft. Task Force" Liar Liar'
11. Lost Island: 'That's The Way It Goes'
12. Styly Cee: 'The Sound'
13. C-Mone: 'Inside Out'
14. Styly Cee & Cappo: 'Unwritten Rule'
15. Madf Doctor X ft. Quakes & The Brotherhood: 'Deejays & Emcees

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