Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Skilf - Alter Egos Review

During 2010 Skilf has been polishing off Alter Egos, his latest mixtape plays on its title showcasing the London to Brighton MCs range. As you will discover Skilf began as a UKG MC moving on to DnB and finally Hip Hop via Bob Dylan. As the mixtape plays genres are switched up and torn up by a variety of guests including Genesis Ellijah, Deep Blak, Supar Novar, LJ, Baraka and more. Unfortunately his beat selection is a little dated and doesnt have the longevity it might have with more recent beats, Overnight, So Fuckin Lean and K-Hole Digger are easy on the ears but lack impact and become boring quite quickly, more imagination on the hooks would have kept me more entertained and felt less like hearing some one play on Def Jam Rapstar. Having said that England, Fire Starter, Current Affairs, Self-Perception and the nostalgic UKG are excellent examples of Skilfs extensive range and ear for a good beat. With the mixtape title in mind at all times Skilf has compiled a schitzophrenic selection of music, you might not like it all but he'll definitely suprise you with his versitile flow and eclectic taste. Alter Egos will be available from on boxing day.

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