Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Ruby Kid - Maps EP

This is the new EP 'Maps' from London based, Nottingham born emcee The Ruby Kid

I thought this was worth a mention as it took me a little by surprise. At first listen I heard an almost Arctic Monkey style emcee over imperfectly produced Hip Hop beats. I continued to listen on and realised there was more to this EP than the imperfections.

Throughout the EP there is a clever use of samples from films that add depth to the tracks. Concepts vary from drug stories to Politics all put together with eloquence, which really show this artists versatility. Ruby possess a natural ability to come across as honest and real.

Not a body of work produced to industry standard but an EP that I believe could lead to such being created. Don't let my negative points deter you from purchasing this EP. I see 'Maps' as a learning curve for Ruby who shows great potential and I look forward to future releases.

Favourite track - Morning-After Snow

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