Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Late - Street Product E.P. (Review)

Late is back with the Street Product ep following on from the UK Rapscallion album earlier this year. The difference between the two projects being the UK Rapscallion album was all uk guests where the street product ep is mainly american artists.
Packed with Trickstas trademark production it starts off with the brooding song Life, with Wolftowns very own Jai Boo on the hook Late spits some bars about where he was and where he is now.
The highlight for me had to be The Product featuring D.A. and Rapper K, Late actually sent me this song 6 monthes ago after a conversation about TV show The Wire,and the samples on it detail the Wolftown mentality towards their music perfectly. Its about product and Late is constantly pushing his.
Also movie buffs might recognize the bassline to.
Another favourite was There's no room featuring K-Rino and SPC.At 6 songs long it features Jai Boo,Gucci Mane,the Legendary K-Rino and more.
You can buy it here and keep up to date on facebook here

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