Thursday, 23 December 2010

SciFi Stu 'From the Heaviest Heart To The Coldest Soul' (Album Sampler)

SciFi Stu, a jazz, hip hop and soul producer from Edinburgh in Scotland comes with a release that wouldnt of been out of place as a Delicious Vinyl release,it has that soulful,jazzy feel to it but with a modern edge. I heard him recently on american website the hip hop head dot net and i was shocked to find out he was scottish,i assumed he was american,its pleasing to know scotland represents once again.
Anyway the album features Vast Aire,Count Bass D and Remarkable Mayor(you'll be hearing a lot from them soon,well worth checking out) and many more. You can download the sampler here and trust me then you'll want to go straight to iTunes and get it.

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