Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Scribe Tribe - G Strings & Socks

Scribe Tribe_G-Strings & Socks by ZramRecords

Scribe Tribe released their Debut album G Strings & Socks on December the 10th on Scribe Tribe founder Marzs' Zram Records. The group hailing from Brighton consist of producers Marz, Abi D, Kendal and MC Teejan. Although Teejan only rhymes all the other members share duties on the mic and production this provides the collective with a great variety of styles and sounds to tear up and show off. Dusty beats, heartfelt deliveries and inventive concepts give G-Strings everything you could hope to hear from a UK Hip Hop group. Well thought and placed collabs keep things interesting, always taking time to incorporating each artists into the rich tapestry and not sounding like the guest was 'phoned in' Scribe Tribe have crafted an exceptional piece of music. I have very little negative points to pick out, possibly Nasty Boy was a bit too busy, but I didnt hit the skip button once...no filler all killer bwahaha!
Available for download for a mere £3.99 at Amazon and (prolly on iTunes too but I dont eff with that Mac bizness) its worth every penny. You can also stream and buy it from the Sound Cloud player above, my favourite at the moment is It Wont Be Long the sample is beautifull and haunting, the rhymes carry that mood all the way to its close. To be fair its changed daily since I first heard it so check the others too.

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