Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Soul Khan - Soul Like Khan (Free Download)

After Sensa's debut EP was posted up a couple of days back, here is the free album of his recent Don't Flop opponent, Soul Khan. This was released a couple of weeks ago, to little or no fanfare on this side of the pond. However, that shouldn't discourage you from checking this out, especially as it is free...

Soul Khan is clearly a pretty smart breh, that much is obvious from the thoughtful lyrics of his throughout this album. He also has a pretty passionate delivery, which reminded me a bit of Brother Ali, never a bad thing in my book. Don't think that this is the usual free release, with recycled beats, and tracks that sound unfinished. Soul refers to this as his debut solo album, and it has the quality to fit the description.


Also, if anyone is interested, here is the recent Soul Khan vs Sensa match up from Don't Flop:

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