Thursday, 22 October 2009

'Antidote EP' - Virus Syndicate (EP review)

The last EP in the Virus Syndicate’s ‘Breakout Trilogy’ is the ‘Antidote EP’. The EP kicks off with a hyped up version of Reel To Real’s ‘I Like To Move It’ (more recently performed by a Sacha Baron Cohen voiced Lemur king in the Madagascar films) entitled ‘Move It’ – this 90’s house hit has been twisted into a dubstep rap banger – defo loving this.

‘Talk To Frank’ leaves you to decide the group’s stance on a variety of narcotics – apparently they’re playing devil’s advocate. Another hard track though – the production on this is next level, mature dubstep/grime. ‘Crazy’ is a pretty funny expose of mental women and ‘I’m Here’ is their “we’re better than you” track.

‘Antidote EP’ will be released on 9th November on Contagious Music.

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