Tuesday, 13 October 2009

'Too Broke To Go Solo' - Tactical Thinking (album review)

If you want raw, hyperactive, non-stop Hip Hop look no further than Tactical Thinking’s ‘Too Broke To Go Solo’. The group approach equates to pack mentality – with a united goal (to bruise your ear canal) this collective of artists hit hard.

17 tracks, 1 hour, 6 MCs and 2 Producers plus guest spots from even more TT family members makes for a relentless audio assault. Opener ‘Dusk ‘Til Dawn’ embodies the whole album in one track – this is their war cry. With sometimes cheeky lyrics, sometimes downright dirty it’s hard not to faux-screwface and get down to this release.

With a variety of beats ranging from electronica (‘Superstars’ and ‘That’s Right Move’) to wonky dubstep (‘Stick ‘Em Up’ and ’10 to 3 Chicks’), straight up Hip Hop (‘Do Wah’) to jaunty productions borrowing from a range of musical genres (even Barbershop Quartets) no two tracks sound alike – and that’s a grand thing.

Buy this, take a deep breath, slot into your player, sit back and prepare for the face-distorting G Force of Tactical Thinking – mighty.

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