Tuesday, 13 October 2009

'The Skuff & Inja Show - Skuff & Inja (album review)

When heard in the context of a whole LP, Skuff and Inja’s new musical direction makes more than sense. I wasn’t a great fan of Inja’s ‘Hats Low’ but when the remix pops up at the end of ‘The Skuff & Inja Show’ all becomes clear.

Leaving behind the more familiar sounds of samples are the tracks that leave the biggest dent – the tunes that are designed to be played loud, preferably in the type of club I’d love to spend my weekends in. Tracks such as ‘Kickstart’, ‘Spark it Up’ and ‘Side Effects Remix’ fall into this category.

Where things are more traditional, dopeness abounds - ‘United Kingdom’ in its social and political seriousness, ‘Be Like You’, ‘Enter The Albatross’ and other tracks all sound more like Hip Hop as we know it. Mr. Thing’s ‘Witness’ and DJ Nappa’s ‘Ital Violence’ provide the MCs with the chance to show off their considerable double time skills.

‘The Skuff & Inja Show’ is full of innovative and creative Rap music and should be in your collection upon its release. CB’s favourite tracks ‘Famslam’ (featuring Farma G, Chester P, Ramson Badbonez & Remus) and the beautiful ‘Sunnicide’ can be heard on the pilot of the Certified Banger Podcast. It will be released by In Records/The Music on November 2nd 2009.

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