Wednesday, 28 October 2009

'It's My City' ft. Ricky Blaze/'Just Say Yes' ft. Darren B - Jelluzz (single review)

Jelluzz is back with more of his sugary urban pop this time roping in NYC's Ricky Blaze for chorus duties on 'It's My City' and Darren B for 'Just Say Yes'.

Strictly made for fans of anyone like Chipmunk (i.e. Grime artists from London who are now on Radio 1, T4 etc) these two tracks are synthy, upbeat and about inane stuff like partying with champagne and getting girls into double beds.

Jelluzz is about as Americanised as someone who still has a North London accent (and a pretty likeable flow) can be and there are plenty of teenagers who ride buses whilst playing music through tinny phone speaks who would love to bump this in a similar way.

'It's My City' is out on 3oth November on Big Deal Management.

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