Thursday, 15 October 2009

'Hip Hop Hype Dog Compilation Vol. 1' - VA (free download)

Hip Hop Hype Dog have just dropped their first compilation. The free download features 28 tracks of Hip Hop from the UK but with a few US representatives thrown in for good measure.

The thing that gets me going about this compilation is that, nestled inbetween tracks and artists I'm familiar with already, there are a few new bits. Vice and Mister D's 'On My Mind', Capital R's 'I Represent (for Hip Hop)' and Sicnis's 'Get Better' all fall into this catergory - dope, fresh and new.

The tracks that you may have heard before are all quality too - if you didn't pick up the LPs they belong to then you'll be wanting to after this. Kyza's 'Murderman' (from 'S.O.S'), Micall Parknsun's 'Bang' (featuring Jehst), Asaviour and IQ's 'Complicity' featuring Kashmere and loads more are examples of tunes taken from brilliant releases.

MC Life's 'Hard 2 Spit' produced by DJ Nappa is not a track I remember from elsewhere and it's a really dope and excellent inclusion. The Americans are represented by Elzhi, Raekwon (and some of his famous mates) and MF Doom - only quality MCs. With other tracks from Ty, LDZ, Kelakovski, Farma G, Chester P, Orphans of Cush, Truth, SonnyJim, Kosyne, M9, Delusionists and more you'd be foolish not to get this for free.

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