Saturday, 10 October 2009

'Taiko Rolls' - Taiko Rolls (album review)

If you don't know, get to know - Taiko Rolls is the collaboration between Rak and Edge and their debut album is self titled.

'Taiko Rolls' is an album full of honest, heartfelt rhymes that journey to the core of the MC. Lead track 'E', a boom-bap salute to the likes of DJ Premier, tells of Rak's early days with details of drug-addicted parents and his anger at school. Following on with nothing but more quality is 'The Hardest' featuring none other than Vast Aire - not a bad combo with more top notch head no production.

The album progresses, only 40 minutes all in all, with more dope beats and more dope rhymes. There is no one track that will get you reaching for the rewind button - you'll just need to put the CD on repeat. 'Taiko Rolls' brings back real Hip Hop and it's available now on itunes! Go on lads!

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