Friday, 9 October 2009

'It's On' - Kilian Ateh (single review)

I had to laugh at the press release for this one – a comparison with Andre 3000? Nah. Lupe and Kanye – yes, I can see that. Kilian Ateh is very American influenced – right down to his accent which doesn’t sit well with most fans of UK rap.

‘It’s On’ is one of those poppy R’n’B affairs and Kanye can be heard in every utterance – it’s basically a cocky song about girls and sex over a annoyingly try hard ‘summery’ beat mixed in with orgasm sounds. Not pleasant.

There’s a Chartstalker mix and a track called ‘Hello’ on which Kilian says hello to his family and friends – a better track, but not a redeeming track. ‘It’s On’ is out on 2nd November.

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