Friday, 9 October 2009

Ed Strong Wins 'Parallel Worldz' Remix Comp! Runners Up Available For Free Download!

Delusionists have dropped a limited download 5 track EP of remixes to their 'On The Radar' exclusive track 'Parallel Worldz' featuring Invizible Frenz. The 5 featured tracks are the best runners up in the competition and production comes from 30KB (also 'OTR' artists), 44th Parallel, Lucien Digwell, Dugless Vinegar and Ample Mammal (I'm assuming here that those are the names of the artists and not just the names of the remixes).

Anyways, there are 5 very different versions of this track on offer with Ample Mammal's being the most mental and un-Hip Hop but still very fitting - get ready do a little dance.

So these were the runners up. Well, who won? It is with great pleasure that I announce Ed Strong (from the almighty IRS crew) as the winner of the 'Parallel Worldz' remix competition! Ed's version is currently being finished off for the new version of the Delusionist's EP 'The Prolusion'. Big yaself up Ed!

You can go to Delusionist's Bandcamp page now to download the remixes EP for free!

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