Saturday, 3 October 2009

'Ya Dad Knows About This One' - Chris L (review)

This one’s been around for a while now but if you’ve not checked it out yet you might want to reconsider your ignorant behaviour. Macc lad Chris L has jacked a hefty selection of beats and sprayed a boat load of tongue in cheek lyrics all over them. Productions previously heard on releases by Skinnyman, Dr. Syntax, Mark B, Foreign Beggars, Nas, Dirty Diggers and Baby J all get blessed with an equal amount of respect and impertinence from the mouth of Mr. Leese.

Stig of the Dump hosts ‘Ya Dad Knows About This One’ and if you’re after a bit of a giggle, some good rhymes and beats then buy yersen a copy. Top tracks are ‘Macc Town’ - a synical but loving assessment of Macclesfield, ‘Subcultures’ (which follows the original concept, watch for the D’n’B MCs bit – jokes) and ‘Mane-Stream’ is a scoffing take on poppy southern Hip Hop.

The CD features Ben B, Baron Samedi, EDXL, Antidote, Truth, Mic Dyson, Filthy Rich and more (apparently) and in the words of Doc Synners “bless him, he’s tried really hard with this one”! Some of the recording, EQing and mastering could be better (it was done in a “stinking bedroom in 2006/2007) but Chris promises better on the next CD. Hit Chris L up on myspace and get yourself a copy.

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