Wednesday, 7 October 2009

'The Script' - C-Froo (album review)

Bristol stand up! 'On The Radar' artist C-Froo dropped his debut 'The Script' earlier this year and you may just wanna check it out.

C-Froo swiftly carves himself a rapidfire flow (but not double-time) groove over some hyped up BPMs on 'Elemental Gentlemen' and 'The Gauntlet'. C-Froo's down with Tough Touch so you know the beats are gonna get your head nodding - 'Proper Mint' will for sure, even if you don't share their(Chalk MC & Kali Mist feature) definitions of what's mint and what's not.

Things mellow out briefly when it gets to 'Let It Out' but it's only a brief respite - 'Where U 2?' explodes back in with some details of temptation then 'You Made Your Bed Now Go Lie In It' then tells the story of the aftermath.

'Mad Method Posse Cut' is straight up Hip Hop over a simple but banging loop featuring Kali Mist, Mighty Mandroid, Pins, Ewan Hoozami, Social Conscience and DJ Kraf-T. 'On The Radar' track 'Financial Times' ft. D-Melo still bangs - my favourite beat on here and C-Froo chats sense that we can all relate to.

'The Script' is a real solid first outing - a more mature second outing will be anticipated here at the CBHQ - possibly with a few more concepts and a more refined rap style. Hit C-Froo up on his myspace and get your copy - it's all properly presented with dope artwork.

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