Monday, 26 October 2009

'One Inch Punch' - Dubbledge (mixtape review)

Are you a fan of 90s beats such as those crafted by RZA and DJ Premier? Are you a fan of charismatic, funny but intelligent rappers? Then the ‘One Inch Punch’ mixtape fresh from Dubbledge is for you.

Hurtling through productions jacked from classics from Snoop and Dre, ATCQ, Raekwon, Souls of Mischief, Rakim and more, Dubbledge brings a brief 26 minutes of madness and memories. Kyza joins Dubbledge to destroy ‘Juice aka The Duppy Tamer’ (not the Puppy Trainer as I thought at first glance) and TB brings his aggy delivery to the table on ‘Glaciers of Ice’.

This release is a prequel to his forthcoming album ‘Is Wot It Is…But It Ain’t Wot It Woz’ and it’s proof that Edge is still on top form lyrically. ‘One Inch Punch’ is what a mixtape should be – not a listening marathon, quality loveable beats and well chosen verses (as opposed to every bar the MC ever wrote).

‘One Inch Punch’ will be released on 7th December on Hidden Agenda.

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