Sunday, 25 October 2009

'Zone' ft. Mr. Lif - Kids In Tracksuits (7" review)

I remember reading about Kids in Tracksuits in HHC a couple of years ago but I never actually heard any of their music. Well, just before they disband (two members becoming Lone - that's the name of their new outfit), Fluid Ounce/Unfold have decided to drop a nice little 7" (well, not little - a normal sized 7") which features rhyming rhymes from Mr. Lif and Non-Genetic.

Mr. Lif features on 'Zone' alongside panpipes and mean buzzy, bassy synths and a hectic drum pattern. The hungry-sounding Non-Genetic features on 'No Hooks' - a more relaxing affair with all manner of orchestral instruments.

'Zone' ft. Mr Lif by Kids In Tracksuits drops on 2nd November. 'No Hooks' has also featured on a 90 track DVD entitled ‘Fluid Ounce Presents…’.

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