Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Line Up ft. SonnyJim & Jack Flash - This Friday in Leeds

Since Friday is on its way and Friday 30th October means The Line Up in Leeds I thought I'd post this to remind you and to give yourself something to do in preparation.

On Friday I'll be grabbing an interview with SonnyJim. It's been over a year since my last interview with him and things have changed up in the Eat Good Records camp so it'll be good to catch up. If you weren't with me a year ago you should check out that interview. For everything else I've posted about him, including free tunes, click here.

You may not have heard the name Extra Curricular but you will know Jack Flash - the MC of the live band. If it's an interview with Mr. Flash you want then look no further than here - also from about a year ago.

Defenders of Style (aka DS Fam) are a dope underground act from Leeds who will be releasing a mixtape ('Thoughts of the Nameless') very soon - keep your ears pricked and your browsers pointing towards http://www.certifiedbanger.blogspot.com/ for more news.

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