Saturday, 10 October 2009

'Civil Rights Insemination'/'Wrath of the Perspective View Vol. 3' - First and Last (review)

First and Last have two releases available to you right now - 'Civil Rights Insemination Mixtape' and 'Wrath of the Perpective View Vol. 3'. They're both full of politcally and socially charged frustrated rhymes about life in London's ghettoes.

'Civil Rights...' with its moody beats ('Roads and Paths' and 'Blood On My Garmz') nestling against reggae flavours ('Fade Away') and headnod productions ('Social') ensures there's enough subtle variation to keep you feeling the product. You may have to give yourself a break every now and then from the full frontal assault of the two MCs but otherwise this is good stuff.

'Wrath of the Perspective View Vol. 3' follows a similar path to 'Civil Rights...' although there is definitely a darker feel to this one. 'Aimless Wandering' ft. Kyra UK is a nice bit of melodic respite and one that stands out for that reason. 'Time Frames (Hip Hop Path)' is pretty upbeat too. With probably a bit too much to digest in one go, this mixtape would have benefitted from some slimming down.

Both CDs are available now from First and Last - contact them on myspace.

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